How to play

Find out how to grow your cucumber and blast your competition by watching this video.

Ways to play with your Cucumber


Laugh as your foes’ Cucumber becomes the size of a walnut!


Molest their Cucumber senseless!

Nah Mate

Stop your friends in their tracks!


Redirect, deflect, get respect whilst erect!


That used and discarded Cucumber is given a new lease of life!


Shock everyone with your ever growing Cucumber!

Battle to grow your Cucumber in
an action filled game of strategy,
betrayal, and chaotic climaxes.

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Battle to grow your Cucumber in an action filled card game of strategy, betrayal and chaotic climaxes! Cucumber Sandwich engages players in a frantic battle to grow their Cucumber Card to 12 inches first to win the round.

However, beware…players will be waiting to Fondle you senseless at every opportunity, not to mention the impact of a Shrivel or the disappointment of a Dickochet!

One copy of the game supports 2-4 players. You can add another 4 players with a second deck.

We will answer your question with a question. Do you love a throbbing Cucumber? The answer to your question lies within.

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Taking over the world one inch at a time…