Taking over the world one inch at a time, Cucumber Sandwich is making its grand entrance into the cryptocurrency and NFT space in 2022. Starting with a 1st-Edition set of NFTs, followed by the launch of Cucumber Coin and our play-to-earn game.

Cucumber Sandwich

Cucumber Sandwich is an existing tabletop game where you battle to be the first player to grow your Cucumber Card to 12 inches in an action filled frenzy of strategy, betrayal and chaotic climaxes! However, beware...players will be waiting to fondle you senseless at every opportunity, not to mention the impact of a shrivel or the disappointment of a dickochet!

Cucumber Sandwich

How to play

Find out how to grow your cucumber and blow your competition by watching this video.

Cucumber Land was once a happy, trouble free paradise until one day a mysterious corporation began its twisted experiments. Can you defeat V-Labs and your opponents by growing your Cucumbers to 12 inches first and earning some Cucumber Coin?

Cucumber Sandwich
When and where can I mint a Cucumber Sandwich NFT? Arrow Down Arrow Right

The first Cucumber Sandwich NFTs will be available to mint towards the end of February and we will update the community when we are near climax. Minting will take place on our website https://cucumbergames.com

What blockchain is this launching on? Arrow Down Arrow Right

The entire project will be built on Solana, the perfect blockchain for all things Cucumber. This includes the NFTs, Cucumber Coin, the play-to-earn game and the Cucumber Land metaverse.

How many NFTs will be available? Arrow Down Arrow Right

The collection will feature a total of 10,000 NFTs. The release will be split up into 3 parts that take place over a 6 week period (approximately). These 3 parts are the stealth sale, pre-sale and finally the public sale.

How many NFTs are available during each part of the sale? Arrow Down Arrow Right

The stealth sale will include 1,000 NFTs. The pre-sale will include 2,500 and finally the public sale will offer the remaining 6,500. When converted to inches, that is some kind of world record sized Cucumber!

How much will a Cucumber Sandwich NFT cost? Arrow Down Arrow Right

The NFTs will be priced in USD. The exact SOL price will be updated shortly before each part of the sale goes live. The stealth sale NFTs will be sold for $200 each, presale will be $225 and finally the public sale will be priced at $250. We need to also keep a close eye on the global Cucumber market.

Is there a whitelist? Arrow Down Arrow Right

Yes, there is a whitelist that allows you the opportunity to take part in the stealth sale and pre-sale. To learn how to qualify, please head over to our discord or visit our whitelist page. We will wipe it down before official release.